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A lot of people think that the urologist is an expert who is responsible for male health issues However, this is not true. Many diseases, many of which are prevalent among women, like urinary tract infections, as an instance, can and must get treated by this doctor. He is accountable for the health and the proper working of the urinary tract in males, females children, or even those who are elderly.

Any issue affecting renal ureters, kidneys bladder and urethra may be dealt with via the Urologist located in Noida. Urinary loss, discomfort or pain while urinating, blood in urine, or discomfort within the kidneys can be indicators that it’s appropriate for the woman to see the specialist. It is crucial that Urologists at Noida can provide an accurate analysis of what is taking place and be able to identify possible more serious problems like kidney or bladder cancer.

The most frequent urological conditions for women that can be managed through the most reputable urologist in Noida include:

  • Urinary infection – due to bacteria. The most common symptoms include burning when you Urinate, the need to urinate frequently throughout the day, bloody urine or urine that smells strongly and colour, and pelvic pain
  • Incontinence in the urinary tract – It is the loss of urine that is involuntary. It usually happens when a person coughs or coughs or exerts an effort. However, it could be accompanied by an intense urge to urinate. This renders the person unable to “hold” their urine till they are in the bathroom.
  • The cause is Bladder cancer – Bladder cancer is among the most frequent kinds of cancers of the urinary tract. It is also the 19th most prevalent in women, according to the National Cancer Institute (Inca). Urine blood as well as a painful urination and a constant desire to go to the bathroom are among the most frequent symptoms of the condition. In this situation the monitoring of an urologist is crucial;
  • Kidney Cancer – The kidneys are organs that are located in the back of the abdomen, near the spine. Their main role is to “filter” the blood and cleanse it of “impurities”. It is generally true that tiny and localised tumours seldom produce symptoms, and the majority of them are discovered via an image examination (ultrasound or computed tomography) and are often requested due to another reason. The primary indications of this condition are haemorrhage in the urinary tract (hematuria) or abdominal or low back discomfort and the presence of an apparent mass that is visible in the abdomen.

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January 22, 2022 Dr. ManojFemale Urology

Leucorrohoea or Leukorrhea is a thick, whitish, yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge. It is usually a non-pathological symptom. There are many causes of Leucorrohoea, the usual one being estrogen imbalance. The amount of discharge may increase due to vaginal infection and reappear from time to time. This discharge can keep occurring for years, in which case it becomes more yellow and strong.